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The UI Module or UI-Agreements is a UI stripe module used for managing various electronic resource tasks, including processing agreements and displaying available electronic resources. These workouts will take place in the week of September 7, with a variety of different options (with the same content) to flexibly cater to your calendars. This training allows users to connect to our test environment, practice using the agreement workflow, and enable interaction with representatives who can answer questions as they arise. The dates and times of the training sessions will be set and announced shortly. The AURA Agreements module provides a single entry point for all research-related contracts and streamlines the process of transmitting negotiation and signature contracts. It also offers full transparency on the status of the agreement and the conditions under negotiation. This module allows you to manage agreements, declarations of intent and contract content. The module should be used by a company`s legal team and allow them to define sections, clauses and templates with their respective contents, which can be dynamic. Fidic contract modules explain in detail the content of contractual clauses and how FIDIC contracts can be used in international projects. This resource allows module owners to retrieve extensible client lists with controlled values. The URL pattern is “/erm/refdataValues/$domain/$property” The contract module allows the administrator to enter into a textual agreement (think of the “Terms of Use”) that users of a particular role must accept before accessing the site. The agreement is submitted to users directly after login and must be accepted before the user can go to another page.

Users can continue to access the homepage () and / logout without accepting the agreement; all other pages transmit the user to the contract acceptance form. Users can also revoke their consent to the agreement by visiting the contract page. This module makes life much easier for your office, field technicians and accounting department! During the development of the agreement module, URA communicated and set up important interest groups throughout the campus. In preparation for implementation in mid-September, we invite the Grants community to take an upcoming training. Mod-agreements can create agreements that control access to content bundled into packages and defined in knowledge base systems, identify certain electronic or print resources, and act as a bridge between those resources and the associated licenses and purchase documents. The /erm/sas resource allows modular clients to create, retrieve, update, and delete subscriptionAgrement entities and search for SAs. You can find more information in the documentation Providing essential know-how for the preparation of contracts for professional services on the basis of the FIDIC Client-Consultant Consultant Agreement. In addition, the Mod-Agreements module must be run until it is part of the Okapi backends. URA is pleased to announce the new AURA Agreements module, which will be broadcast live in mid-September.

AURA Agreements is a contract management system that is offered in the same software suite as other AURA products and is integrated into the AURA Grants module. The following options can be configured from the module`s configuration page: Other modules are described, plus FOLIO Developer documentation under This is the main boot repository for Grails-based OLF-ERM rear modules. To provide ui-agreements with a development server yourself: To view and connect to the provided platform, an appropriate Okapi backend must be run. . . .

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