Apwu National Agreement 2020

President Dimondstein`s video update on our new collective agreement (union contract). Just three days after Adjudicator Goldberg issued an interest rate arbitration on the new 2018-2021 union contract, the National APWU is pleased to be able to release the entire contract with all appropriate contractual updates for use by store managers, stewards and members. In October, the third month of the six-month adjustment period for the fifth COLA under the 2018 agreement, the unadjusted W IP index (1967-100) increased last month to US$756,813; an increase from the July 2020 index point, on which employees received the last COLA. If the adjustment were made on the basis of the October 2020 index, the adjustment would be as follows: from 21 November 2020 (PP25-20), the basic annual salary will be increased by 1.0 per cent for each stage. There are four retroactive increases: two general increases November 24, 2018 (1.3%) November 23, 2019 (1.1%) and two COLAs on 31 August 2019 and 29 February 2020. During this contract, there are three other COLAs. The updated pay scales will come into effect, the salary period 9-20, and the increases will be made in workers` wage cheques on May 1, 2020. However, the fifth COLA under the 2018 national agreement is based on the January 2021 index and comes into effect on 27 February 2021 (payment period 06-2020, salary date 19 March 2021). In May 2020 and 2021, postal assistance staff who do not receive COLAs will receive two additional increases. The Am10. Decision issued on March 2, 2020 for The interests of the collective agreement 2018-2021 granted three general salary increases and cost of living adjustments (COLAs) withheld. If you still can`t find what you`re looking for, please email communications@apwu.org. Click here to read the full price.

Below, after the video, highlights and significant changes are included in the price. If you want to be part of the story, fill out the form: bit.ly/31KxOXV Below you will find a list of the most frequently used, searched for searched for SDFs and links to local APWU officers and Rank and File members. 2018-2021 LMOU for union-free Semiannual STRUCTURE COLAs for career workers continues under the current formula. Management insisted, but failed to turn COLAs into one-off packages. Georgetown University`s Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor speaks to all major workers about their pandemic experiences and they want to hear from you! During the election, employees processed a record number of postal votes and moved “heaven and earth” to ensure that the 65 million reached their position in time for processing.

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