Auburn University Housing Agreement

You have until May 1, 2020 to deposit your order confirmation deposit ($250, non-refundable) through the student housing portal. We advise you to submit this payment when selecting a place to sleep on campus. Students who do not pay the order confirmation down payment before May 1, 2020 are removed from their housing contract. Students can terminate their housing contract on the housing portal. Arriving students can cancel their application for housing as part of the application itself, which is located on the housing student portal. Students are asked to indicate their reason for cancellation. Please note the cancellation times below. Existing residents who wish to return to campus can apply as part of the housing renovation process that takes place each February. Due to the high number of applications submitted, applicants who choose their bedrooms during the room selection period may be placed on stand-by if no beds are available during the room selection period. The watch status indicates that all rooms are currently filled with students who have chosen their space.

If the accommodation fills up on campus and there is room available, students can register at any time after their selection of rooms has begun to choose a bedroom that has opened following a refusal. The assignment confirmation down payment is a $250 non-refundable down payment related to the allocation of housing. Students who choose or receive a housing contract until April 27, 2020 are responsible for paying this advance until May 1, 2020, to prevent them from being removed from their housing contract. Students who, on April 28, 2020 or after April 28, 2020, choose or receive a housing contract, will not be required to pay these fees. Students who pay this tax will receive a credit for their student bill before moving in. Students are given a deadline to apply for accommodation as soon as they have been admitted to university. The Timeslots are sent to the Auburn e-mail account of the students and assigned to randomly accepted students. Timeslots are generated by a lottery system and randomly awarded after each admission round. Students can refer to important dates and deadlines when they wait for their time email. Any request for cancellation of accommodation received during the semester will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Please send to request your cancellation and receive the correct instructions for the excerpt. In the first year, students can apply for accommodation as soon as they have been admitted to Auburn University.

Students applying for housing and changing their minds about living on campus or participating in Auburn are encouraged to cancel their housing application in time so that we can award housing contracts to standby candidates. Cancellation data differs depending on when a student chooses or receives a space allocation. Students cannot terminate their housing contract after the notice period has expired if they are enrolled in class. It is important to inform Auburn University Housing if you wish to terminate your housing contract. The process of cancelling accommodation is done via the housing student portal or by e-mail at Please select your student status below to learn more about the cancellation process. Students can log on to their student portal to choose their room during their choice of space. Selection slots are allocated to students based on the date of application for accommodation. Students can choose a bedroom for mutually solicited roommates during the room selection process. Please note that students who apply for accommodation after the room selection has closed are manually assigned. Accommodation costs are paid either during the application for accommodation (application tax) and/or during the room selection process (assignment confirmation down payment).

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