Fch Ju Model Grant Agreement

Document FCH JU 2009.8 Draft grant agreement FCH JU – Appendix III – Form A JUNE 15, 2010 FCH JOINT ENTREPRISE GRANT X IIIIII – FORME A – ACCESS OF CONVENTION (to be filled by any beneficiary covered by Article 1.1 of the grant agreement) for the purposes of this agreement by [name of legal representative] (function) [and/or name of the legal representative] (function), or his or her agent whose seat is at the full address (full address: city/state/country acting on behalf of the corporation as a legal agent, herely agrees to become a beneficiary (“beneficiary no”), in order to obtain the agreement no… (regarding the project

) between the FCH the joint venture and [name of coordinator and legal form (acronym) to (full address: city/state/province/province/Land)] and accepts all rights and obligations of a beneficiary, in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned grant contract. The third is used for the FCH the joint venture, in accordance with Articles 1.1 and 1.2 and Article 8 of the grant agreement, in three copies, one of which is kept by the coordinator and the other according to [the recipient`s name]. Corporate name [beneficiary`s name] Name of legal representative ( (total) Signature of legal representative: Date: Agency Name of the legal person [name of the coordinator] Name of the legal representative ( (total) Signature of the legal representative: Date: 1 The call for proposals 2,019 is open to submissions with a budget of 80.8M euros. Filing date: 23.4.2019 17 open topics – for example: More details: www.fch.europa.eu/page/call-2019 standard models for the 2019 call (WORD files): The submission deadline is 23. April 2019 17:00:00 Brussels time . . . All other documents relating to the call are common to horizon 2020 and can be found on the funding and tendering portal. The notice of publication of the 2019 call for proposals is available on the funding and tendering portal. 1 FCH JOINT UNDERTAKING GRANT AGREEMENT ANNEX III….

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