Honorary Agreement

A volunteer contractor is someone who is not directly employed and paid by the Trust. You need a honorary contract when you are working on OUH websites and working on a third party or for a self-funded purpose. You can apply for an honor or observer contract on the OUH intranet (available only to staff). Departments have copies of application forms and can advise you on the right contract. In case of difficulties, you can also contact the medical staff: as a volunteer holder of the contract, you are bound by the terms of the honor contract. All fee contracts are department specific and are temporary for up to three years. When applying for an honorary contract, you may need to complete some exams before your contract can be issued. The number of controls depends on the specific role you have applied and includes criminal law, the right to work and health checks. If none of these tests are carried out, use may be refused. The Honorary Contract Administrator and Observer guides you through this process. Under these conditions, voluntary contact would not be granted.

A service level contract would be prepared. 2) Honorary contracts to prove a volunteer relationship with the CMH without obligation to the same degree of work or responsibility within the university The corresponding team will address the sponsor at the expiry of an honorary contract. It is the sponsor`s responsibility to confirm a contract extension on that date. An honorary contract is prepared when a staff member from another organization completes a period of work/research/training within the organization, but is not paid directly by the organization. There are a number of people who want to work, train and research the organization. To carry out these activities within the organization, they need a contract of honor. Although a visitor contract is appropriate in many circumstances, an honorary search contract (honour search contract) may be suitable for those with a long-standing connection to the university, for example. B in the circumstances described above.

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