Id Malta Lease Agreement

Leases should not last more than one year. Any agreement of a shorter term is considered to be agreed for a period of one year, with the exception of short rents. The law does not define what a “part” of a building is, but simply states that in order to be habitable, all property or part must be leased. In the event of a short-circuit, the tenant can terminate his tenancy agreement at the end of one month without loss of deposit, provided that the landlord is notified by recommended letter one week in advance. For each new private rental agreement, a separate registration is required. If the lessor does not terminate the tenant within this period, the private tenancy agreement is extended by one year. This does not apply to short lts or shared storage space. Each 6-month period is considered a private lease with a minimum period of 1 year. Short leases cannot be renewed. The new rental rules make it punishable for an owner to forcibly evict the tenant of a property he occupies as his principal residence. This applies only to private rental contracts, not room rentals.

If the tenant decides to terminate the tenancy agreement before these periods, the lessor may withhold an amount of no more than one month`s rent from the deposit left as collateral. The tenant is required to withdraw these leases by recommended letter. However, the tenant is required to pay the landlord an amount equivalent to the rent until he distributes the property. A claim for compensation may be made at the same time as the application for termination of the tenancy agreement and/or termination of the tenant of the building. The President of the Housing Authority or one of its officials has the right to enter all rented houses at any appropriate time to inspect these rental properties or verify that they are occupied by the tenant. The lease expires at the expiry of the mark, as long as the landlord calls the tenant with a recommended letter for at least three months. In the case of a private lease, the lessor must declare the contract within 10 days of the start of the lease. Otherwise, the tenant can declare the contract himself and keep part of the rent for the reimbursement of administrative costs.

The President is also empowered to issue a notice of execution if the lessor does not register the lease, which gives him the opportunity to comply with the law. If the owner does not comply with a notice of execution or makes a false statement, it is a misdemeanor that results in fines ranging from 2,500 to 10,000 euros. The new rules allow the landlord to rent a room or part of his apartment or building to a tenant, i.e. the landlord and tenant may reside in the same property. Apartment rentals used exclusively for tourism are exempt, but MTA-licensed properties rented for short rentals remain considered short rentals (not tourist rentals). Such leases cannot be renewed and must be registered in the same way as private leases. Aa for your case, if it is still necessary, I think you can arrange it with the current twnant to integrate you into the rental contract, because it is very common here in Malta and most tenants know that you also need document. Tenants who do not comply with the terms of the tenancy agreement, including the absence of monthly rent, cannot be forcibly evicted by their landlord. The same applies to tenants who, beyond the agreed duration, remain in the occupancy of their building.

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