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Read more: THE ASAs connect directly to the goal of Vattenfall Vattenfall announces a big wind energy deal with Microsoft Liquidity, which will increase amid the PPP boom; Montel News 12/03/2019 Vattenfall and Microsoft have signed a 10-year power purchase agreement in 2017 in which the Wieringermeer wind farm will power Microsoft`s nearby computing center. PPAs differ depending on the owner of the electricity generation and his or her customer, as well as the type of electricity transmission. Tomas Sjoberg, Managing Director Axpo Sverige, commented: “The PPA with GIG is further proof of our ability to offer attractive PPAs in a liquid Nordic market. PPPs with onshore wind farms are one of our main areas of growth, as customer demand in this segment continues to grow. With our expertise in the conclusion of aerating contracts, we make a decisive contribution to the further promotion of the development of renewable energy in general and wind energy in particular. This type of electricity supply contract also includes the physical supply of green electricity. However, as the facility is not located on the site of the customer being sought, electricity is delivered to the grid. Electricity is purchased and sold by a distributor that generally offers other services, such as . B for electricity compensation, forecasting or optimizing electricity generation. An example of this is the agreement that Vattenfall and Facebook reached in May 2018 to provide a data centre in Denmark and Sweden, powered by wind power from Norway. With subsidies due to expire in the coming years, energy companies need new ways to secure investments in renewable energy. Long-term electricity supply contracts, such as the Power Purchase Agreements (AAA), are therefore increasingly focusing on solar and wind operators, as well as large consumers and electricity distributors.

At the same time, the demand for “real” green electricity is increasing in the market. An electricity supply contract is a long-term electricity supply contract between an operator (seller) and an electricity customer (buyer). The buyer can be an intermediary or an energy supplier or a large direct industrial consumer such as a computer company that needs renewable energy for its computing centers. Agreements are usually signed for up to 10 years, but short-term AAEs are also possible. “Last year, business sales contracts gained momentum due to lower prices for renewable energy generation, the phasing out of EEG subsidies and the growing demand for green energy from businesses,” says Hanno Mieth. “From our point of view, this trend will continue. As one of the leading players in the market with long experience, we have both technical know-how and a wide range of renewable production opportunities, and we are able to offer it to both industrial customers and developers. The developer and operator of the wind or solar farm sells the electricity directly to a sought-after customer.

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