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If the DOE does not carry out the remediation operations provided for in the agreement, the shipments are suspended. The agreement also provided a significant incentive for the DOE to open an intermediate or final storage site. As soon as the DOE opens a mid-tier or permanent warehouse accepting Idaho`s spent fuel, the state renegotiates the timing and number of spent fuel deliveries to Idaho. These additional shipments would only be allowed for immediate processing and removal to a final depot to the state. The opening of a final storage site would allow the DOE to fulfill all of its contractual obligations to accept spent fuel from other sites. Failure by the DOE to comply with these contractual obligations costs the Agency millions of dollars per year. In October 1995, the State of Idaho, the U.S. Navy, and the DOE agreed on an agreement (most often referred to as a settlement agreement) that took state action to prevent the delivery of spent nuclear fuel to the INL for storage. The strengths of the agreement are as follows: According to Idaho`s INL monitoring program, there were 261 tons of heavy metals from spent fuel, 65,000 cubic meters of trans-Eurasian waste stored, 62,000 cubic meters of trans-Canada waste buried, about 2 million gallons of highly stored liquid waste, and 3,700 cubic meters of calcined (dried liquid) waste stored at the INL as soon as Governor Batt took office.

Until the settlement agreement, there was no legally binding obligation to remove this waste from Idaho until Governor Batt reached his agreement with federal officials. Over the past five decades, the United States has recorded more than 2,500 shipments of spent fuel. There was not a single death or injury due to the radioactive nature of the cargo. If we collect more salary reports, we may display related salaries for that professional designation. The national average salary for a settlement coordinator is 43,342 $US in the United States. Filter by location to view the salaries of the billing coordinator in your area. Salary estimates are based on 18,025 salaries anonymously submitted to Glassdoor by Employees of the Sttlement Coordinator. Securities Settlement Processor – The INL oversight division of Q-hour contractors estimates that about 10,851 deliveries of nuclear material will leave Idaho.

The first deliveries began leaving Idaho in early 1999. The latest emissions are expected to leave Idaho by 2035.

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