Software Evaluation Agreement Template

“Confidential information” means information that any party (“Discloser”) refers to, directly or indirectly, in writing, orally or by an inspection of material property called “confidential,” “owner” or similar name, or that the recipient designates as confidential to the other party in circumstances where such information would reasonably be considered confidential. Confidential information may contain information provided confidentially to Discloser by third parties. For the purposes of this agreement, licensed software and the results of a performance evaluation, operation or other evaluations of the licensed software are considered confidential information provided by Docker. Compensation for customers. The client becomes Ververica, its directors, senior executives, employees and representatives, of any losses, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses agreed by a court or in comparison, as well as all reasonable and related legal fees and legal fees arising from third-party claims arising from a breach of a clause of this Agreement or if the alleged right is acquired. , in whole or in part, of: (a) any modification, maintenance or complement of the Ververica product or part of it by the customer; (b) any use of the Ververica product by the customer in a manner that is granted outside the scope of a right or is contrary to this agreement; (c) the use of such a Ververica product or part of this product as a part or in combination with materials, devices, parts, software or processes that have not been supplied or approved by Ververica; (d) Ververica`s compliance, if any, with the customer`s requirements or specifications; or (e) the use of a Ververica product or part of it, other than the current release or not, of the Ververica product, or part of it, which is available by Ververica. The recipient undertakes not to use Discloser`s confidential information or to disclose, disseminate or disseminate confidential discloser information unless it is expressly agreed to carry out its obligations or assert its rights under this Agreement or on the other hand. The recipient undertakes to limit access to this confidential information to the recipient`s staff or advisors who must be aware of this confidential information for the implementation of the information referred to at this point and who have agreed in writing to be bound by a confidentiality obligation that is no less protective than that contained in this agreement.

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