Tafe Teachers Enterprise Agreement

All current teachers and associate staff have the right to vote. Casual part-time teachers must have worked in 2016 to be eligible to vote. On February 8, 2016, we will meet with the union and self-appointed staff representatives to advance negotiations on a new enterprise agreement and a pay increase for teachers and associate employees. At this meeting, we will focus on a number of areas of common interest submitted by the union, the self-appointed representatives and the TAFE NSW. I will write to you again after this meeting to let you know the progress of the negotiations. If you have specific questions, I ask you to participate in forums organized in your institute, to go to the website or to be covered by an email EnterpriseBargaining2015@tafensw.edu.au the Victorian TAFE teacher by post-secondary education services 2010. If you have any questions, you can contact your local staff manager. The Fair Work Commission website contains very useful information about enterprise agreements in www.fwc.gov.au/awards-and-agreements/agreements or you can also call your infoline on 1300 799 675. If an enterprise agreement is in effect, the premium does not apply. I wanted to inform you that TAFE`s LA NSW negotiating team and I met last Friday, September 30, with the AEU Federation of NSW Teachers to advance enterprise negotiations. If you would like to appoint a negotiator to represent you during the negotiation process (including yourself), send an email to enterprisebargaining2015@tafensw.edu.au.

The email must contain your full name and electronic signature, as well as the details of the representative you wish to name. You can appoint a negotiator at any time during the negotiation process. A copy of the approved agreement can be reached here. The starting point of the new negotiation process will be the agreement in principle with the AEU NSW Teachers` Federation. If you are a member of the union, you will soon have a vote on the proposed trade union actions. Of course, we are all interested in minimizing the impact on our students and industry partners. We ask you to support us in the coming weeks if we work hard behind the scenes to complete the agreement. Teachers are calling for the same pay increase for public school teachers and other TAFE staff.

Today, I attended a meeting of teachers and related staff held with the NSW AEU Teachers` Federation and self-proclaimed representatives, the 14th meeting that has taken place since the agreement expired last July. The neRR edition is an important step in the enterprise agreement process. In the event of irregularities in this process, the Fair Labour Commission will not approve an enterprise agreement, even if it has been adopted by the majority of workers. This would mean an additional delay of several months – a result I would like to avoid. TAFE NSW is committed to negotiating in good faith until we have an enterprise agreement that will allow TAFE to compete in a competitive professional training environment and continue to offer quality training.

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