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For rental advice and information, call the rental service – 0800 TENANCY (0800 836 262). Lease contract model (external link) – Rental services The landlord can show potential tenants through the property, even if you still live there, provided they have informed them and have first obtained your consent for the visits. You cannot withhold your consent inappropriately, but you can set reasonable conditions before agreeing to let it in. If you move to a new location that you rent, the law says that the lessor must provide you with a written lease and that the contract must deal with certain issues. Pensions covers one or more boarding rooms in a house with community facilities for at least 6 tenants for more than 28 days. A standard rental contract is available on the rental services website. Information can be found on the Bureua Citizen Consultation website. If you have only one spoken agreement, the terms of your agreement are the rights and obligations provided by law, as well as everything you have agreed orally with your landlord. Precautions of the Privacy Act 1993 and other information prior to the application for a rental agreement. This applies to the DBH website for online applications in case of violation of rental rights. This is the easiest way to apply this form is for employers, owners, their representatives or their representatives to fill out and keep before getting a credit check.

Other fees: Most other types of pre-rentals or payments are illegal, such as key money. There are 4 main documents you need to start a new rental contract: if you are collecting information for rental exams, it is highly recommended to collect this information through a written statement. This provides protection and understanding for both the tenant and the landlord. You can download a free rental request. Landlords should ask prospective tenants to fill out an application form before the rent. This form contains important information that will help them choose a client. At least one of the original tenants must continue to rent the property. The landlord and all tenants must sign it. This document can take any format, but must include: Roommates find it useful to have a written agreement.

This agreement is between the principal tenant and the roommate, even if you do not write your contract in writing, the housing law is applicable. This means that you and your tenants must continue to do what is required by law. The tenant had repeatedly told the landlord that she and her partner were both working. But the rental court said that under the law, “that`s not the point,” and that landlords are simply not allowed to make decisions on the basis of whether you work or not. The court stated: “The Residents` Rights Act of 1986 and the Human Rights Act of 1993 make it clear that the question of whether a person is employed or receiving a service or VAC is not relevant to rental decisions.” This form must be used at the beginning of a rental agreement. It records the amount of loan money collected by the lessor and is sent with the money to the rental services which must be maintained until the end of the tenancy agreement and the tenant moves. As a landlord, you collect personal data about tenants. This may appear on the application form before the rental or in the rental agreement. It is important to know your obligations under the Privacy Act 1993: you are also advised that if you do not provide all the requested information (except driver`s licence information) in this application form, you may not be considered the best candidate for available real estate or real estate. This form informs you of important details about a potential tenant: tenants must read the application form before rent and understand the intended use before making their information available to the landlord.

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