Tenure Of Leave And License Agreement

It is enough to make notaries??? I`ll be sure? 2) The owner wants to have the PDCs in front of his hand while he hands over the agreement. Should the payment of rental PDCs be included in the agreement or only rentals on normal paper with a rupee stamp signed enough to be legally safe? Please inform what this clause means “Licensee and liable for damages, subject to appropriate wear and tear”. Does this mean that proper use of the damage is excluded or considered part of the damage? 4. There is nothing wrong with continuing the current L&L deal. Does the service tax apply to the fee in an L&L? 2. The extension of the Treaty shall not require an interregnum period. Can a holiday and license property be sublet? Are there any legal provisions? The Rent Control Act strongly favours tenants and limits the owner`s power to recover the land. However, on leave and licence, an action may be brought against the illegal tenant who lives in the property after the termination of the licence or after the expiry of the licence ™. 2.3 A leave and licence of a property are different from a property lease agreement, as the lease agreement creates an interest in the property that does not justify the licence. Over time, the Supreme Court and several high courts have set out several tests to determine a license from a lease, but none of them are conclusive. The best known is that of Associated Hotels of India Ltd. v. R.N.

Kapoor, AIR 1959 SC 1262 and the most recent decision on the matter is by ICICI, (1999) 5 SCC 708 (SC). 1. You can renew the agreement as often as you want. The licensee remains the holder of the licence only despite the frequency of renewal of the contract. .

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