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Section 11 has been and remains a point of disagreement in the conflicts of popular culture over the doctrine of separation of church and state, as it applies to the founding principles of the United States. Some religious spokesmen claim that, despite the unanimous ratification of the text in English by the US Senate, which contained Article 11, the page containing Article 11 is absent from the Arabic version of the Treaty. [13] The purpose of Article 11 was at the same time to make it clear that the United States was a secular state[15] and to assure Muslims that the agreement did not concern the extension of the former Christian nations participating in the Crusades. [16] It was only when these final goods were delivered that the Tripoli Pasha recognized the contract as official. In the Treaties and Other International Acts of the United States of America by David Hunter Miller, considered the essential collection of international agreements of the United States between 1776 and 1937,[14] Hunter Miller describes: “While the initial ratification remained in the hands of Cathcart … It is possible that a copy was provided after the agreement of 10 April 1799, and it is possible that there was something almost in the nature of an exchange of ratifications of the Treaty on 10 April 1799, the day of the agreement. [13] In a letter to John Adams on April 15, 1799, the Pasha declared, “While we have achieved peace that will be inviolable on our side, provided that you are prepared to treat us like the rest of us, without making any difference between us.” That`s all we have to say to you right now, while wishing you the most unlimited prosperity. » [13] . Ships of both parties entering the other party`s ports and requiring an injunction or other supplies must be made available at market price. And if such a ship is thus put into the country by a maritime disaster and has the possibility to repair it, it is free to land and land again without paying any obligation.

But it should not be forced to land its load. . And these, when delivered, must be full of all the demands on their part or those of his successors in the United States, as the tenth article of the following treaty says. And there will never be any more request for honours, gifts or payments. . We now know that after seeing and reflecting on this treaty, John Adams, President of the United States of America, by the Council and the approval of the Senate, I accept, ratify and confirm the same clause and each clause. And until the conclusion that the aforementioned treaty can be respected and executed in good faith by the United States, I have ordered that the premises be made public; And so I demand all persons who have civilian or military functions in the United States, as well as all other citizens or residents who faithfully respect and respect the aforementioned treaty and all clauses and articles. There is a firm and eternal peace and friendship between the United States of America and the Bey and the dentes of Tripoli of barbarism, rendered by the free consent of both parties and guaranteed by the strongest of the dey and the regent of Algiers. .

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