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Microsoft Partner Agreement (MPA) is an indeterminate modular agreement that provides the most relevant business terms based on the type of partner and offers that qualify for the sale of partners. The Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) program will be the first partner channel to use the new agreement. in the long term, it applies to all other channels and partner offerings. If you place an order with errors or order delays and it appears that the license is not properly provided or adjusted, it is very likely that your Microsoft Partner Network Agreement (MPN) has expired. The agreement must be renewed annually with Microsoft in order to maintain your active status at Microsoft. The extension only takes a few minutes, but you should be aware that renewing your MPN will not be immediately updated on various Microsoft systems, including Converge. You need 24 hours to update this status. Until then, all orders fail. It`s not Manage Protect with the problem, but the CSP command interface at Microsoft, which refuses orders because it hasn`t yet seen the renewal of MPN. In addition, you can check the status of your business review by clicking on the “Show Your Partner Profile” link on the Dashboard Preview page. If your confirmation status is “refused,” you will see which step caused the refusal, with information to correct. If you still have questions, you can contact support.

Enter or update your company`s legal profile and primary contact information, then select Sign Up Now. If not, the only step your organization had to take was to approve the MPA – just sign up for the Partner Center to get started. Browse the “Show Your Partner Profile” dashboard in the Partner Account menu in the Partner Center dashboard. The MPA is available on your partner`s profile page. Once you`ve reported your acceptance, congratulations! The process is now complete. Note: If your organization has already joined the Microsoft Partner Network and already has a Microsoft Partner Network Identifier (MPN ID), skip this step. Then check and update your organization profile. You are asked to confirm your company`s current profile or update it if necessary. When you`ve completed the check and update, click the Next button at the bottom of the page. Once you are logged in, your primary agreement/HQ will be displayed to you. Note that you may have set up a secondary/child agreement for your CSP agreement with rhipe. You will need to check the organization partner ID in the screenshot above with your MPN IDENTIFIANT stored on Rhipe.

You can see the MPN in the file with rhipe on order confirmation gets emails from Prime Portal. First, contact your indirect supplier. For more information, see the Partner Center Dealer Boarding Manual. For example, if your company is only in the U.S., you can trade in the U.S. and you only have to enter the Partner Center once you enter the Partner Center and accept the MPA once in the U.S.

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